Is Lebron James Staying Or Leaving?

Posted on July 5, 2010


The moment the Cleveland Cavaliers ended their season in a disappointing fashion to the Boston Celtics.  We are left to ask this question, is Lebron James staying or leaving?

We know the stories about the older players and the loyalty they had to their teams.  It is safe to say, in this day and age, loyalty goes hand in hand with drug use.  Some people do it and others don’t.  It is no secret that teams haven’t been loyal to their players.  At times, guys won’t even know they are traded until they see their name on breaking news on Espn, or a friend might call and say, “hey, how come you didn’t tell us you were getting traded.” But before I run off topic, let’s get back to Lebron James and the possibility that he is leaving Cleveland.

Before Lebron, Cleveland was a dub.  It is a city with passionate fans, but it is still a city whose sports teams have been a complete let down.  Things got better, after the NBA lottery and the team’s owner Dan Gilbert got the ball he wanted.  The one that will grant him the opportunity to pick Lebron James.  Since that pick, things have been looking up for the Cavaliers.  The team is no longer the laughing stock in the league.  They are now a perennial playoff team and a force to be reckoned with.  The only problem now is, the man, who puts the C in Cavalier might bolt for a bigger city.

Money isn’t a factor in this decision if Lebron James leaves Cleveland. Only Cleveland can offer him more money and longer years on a deal.  That is the way the NBA is structured.  Let’s not forget that a few years back, Kobe Bryant opted for free agency also and people freaked out thinking he was going elsewhere or worse yet, that he would go to the other LA team aka the Clippers.

So is Lebron staying or leaving, and the fact is we don’t know yet, but there are signs showing he might leave.  First things first, Cleveland doesn’t compare to the Big Apple, LA or even Sacramento.  One of his best friends is Jay Z, who happens to be a big time rapper and a co-owner of the New Jersey or Brooklyn Nets.  And for Lebron, even though he is still in his mid 20’s, the man still has to think of life after basketball and New York or LA are more enticing than Cleveland.  Also, since no other team can give Lebron more money than the Cavaliers, don’t be surprised if possibility of minority ownership isn’t dangled in Lebron’s face.  The man has to think about his future and his future begins in free agency.

Fact is, the moment free agency began, Lebron’s phone has been ringing off the hook, with owners throwing all sorts of deals on the table for the reigning NBA MVP.  But at the end, the same question will remain, is Lebron James staying or leaving?

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